Saturday, May 26, 2007

Essentials of a Good Website

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Your Virtual Salesperson A Good Website
Lets say you have a product or service you need to market possibly on a tight budget. You could be a small business owner or an individual hoping to reach customers right in your neighborhood or globally.

You should be thinking about supporting your sales effort through the web. All products and service do not lend themselves to being sold this way. But if you can create a service then package into something that people can register for online or product that can be shipped to buyers, you may be ready for Online Selling Model.

Once you are ready with something that can be easily described priced and possibly distributed over the web you need to gear up for Online Marketing or Selling. You can sell on your own website or through other Ecommerce sites such as Ebay or Rediff Shopping.

Creating your website: It makes sense for you to promote your product or service on your own website. If you dont have the necessary technical skills to do it yourself work with a Web Design Company.Before you can actually get into Individual pages and their content you should think some things through.

Decide who would be the potential visitor to your site? Who is it that you want to reach out to?What would they like to see? Whats the kind of language and terminology that they're used to?

a) Find a Service Provider who can help you to book a domain name and some server space where your site will be hosted.

b) Find a Web Design Company that will actually create the website for you.
c) Decide who would be the potential visitor to your site? Who is it that you want to reach to?

4. How will you make your site interesting and attractive?
5. Organize your content properly than hand it over to your web team
So your Shiny New Website is up and running. How will you get people to visit it?
Remember to email or SMS your contacts and invite them to see the site. Take a look at Online Directories and lists that are related to your business and make sure you add your site to them.

When you are working together with the Web Creation Team and even later after the site is up you can make it more effective by examining on these parameters.

Is the site focused? Does it communicate what you want to? Does it create the right image for you and your products?
Will it help to establish your credentials?A buyer actually does not need to buy only your product, she also has to believe that you are a reliable vendor to deal with. This assurance is provided when you give details of specified customers or successful projects. The name of the person along with the contact details also tells the buyer that there is someone ready to take the responsibility.

Is the site easy to use and navigate?Make it simple for the visitors to make their way to find information and buy stuff on your site.

You can sell your products through other websites that list product or service. Here the advantage is that they would have an inbuilt payment gateway that would accept credit card payments. You would receive your payments once the site has deducted its commission.

You should also submit your site to search engines. You can submit your site to Google and Yahoo Search Engines and make some SEO improvements yourself.

A good website is only a beginning. You need to add content regularly, update your products services and prices so that correct and current information is available. Tell your web designers to make it easy for you to do these updates.

Remember it takes time to establish a successful online business. Dont expect results overnight But keep the site attractive and current and do what you can do to publicize it and in time it will be your virtual Salesperson.

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